Questions / Réponses avec Marc-André Roy

(English only)
When Marc-André Roy walks along the streets of Bois-Franc in St-Laurent, he feels great pride. As president of Sotramont, his vitality and dedication to the highest standards in real-estate development have contributed significantly to the transformation of a lifeless expanse of land into a sought-after neighbourhood and community.  He applies this same energy to all of the company’s projects. I spoke with him recently at his office in the heart of Bois-Franc.

 Question: What does the name Sotramont mean?

In 1968, my dad, Robert Roy, was a general contractor. He came up with the name for his company by taking letters from the words société, travaux and Montréal.

Where did you grow up? 

When I was four years old, my father moved the family from Montreal to Ottawa after he was awarded a contract to build high schools and hospitals in the region. My two siblings and I did our schooling there. Later, he built shopping centres and did some residential development. I attended law school but stayed close, as I worked with my dad whenever I had time.